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Oh, hey.  I’m Preetee, a twenty-something years old lover of floral tea, unusually furry stuff and anything sweet.  And Japanese food.  And a hoarder of cute things.  And an expert at constantly wiping mess.  Okay, okay, you get the point.

Besides all that, we are a crazy family of three who doesn’t take life seriously.  My daughter, Dhiliana famously known as Miss D, is six years old and she has the memory of an elephant and still surprises me with her ability to say embarrassing things really loud in public.  And I’m also a wife to a loving and supportive husband who doesn’t want to grow up.  Together we go out for ice cream, explore the outdoors and have watched Frozen too many times.

As you already know by now, I’m a huge collector of anything cute and creative stuff.  So DIY was my passion that gave me the ability to express my artistic creativity and there was always that crafted item that I would wear time and time again yet there’s something special about it that got friends and strangers buzzing.

Hence, Miss D Jewelry, named after my cheeky daughter, was born in all its humble glory.  A collection of affordable good quality exquisite pieces that will make you catch lot of attention and make you shine like no other.  From family and friends supporting us, to market stalls every weekend and to our online store, our little community kept on growing with more and more beautiful souls joining our journey each day!  Every piece is intricately and artfully designed in our Melbourne studio.  Each piece holds a sentimental value while displaying an expression of self-love, appreciation and individuality.

Since our very first day, we’ve always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of.  We are constantly pushing the boundaries to provide excellent customer service with lavishly designed jewellery and accessories.  We have created a brand and culture that maintain a focus on our customers and keep our customers close to our hearts.

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